Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing (semi-permanent makeup) is made for the modern woman wanting to maintain their look without the hassle of daily makeup application. 

Cosmetic tattooed eyebrows are so on trend, your style is unique to you. You can achieve natural looking brows with a feather touch to gently shade and shape your own. You can create thicker brows with a hint of colour or even create complete new eyebrows if needed. 

Every service is totally personalised to you. 

Gina uses topical anesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the whole experience. As one of Brisbane’s best cosmetic tattooists, you can trust Gina’s experience.


  • Eyebrow shade from $395
  • Feathering from $495
  • Eyebrow feathering and upper/lower eyeliner from $1000


Touch Up Tattoos

In 4-6 weekly intervals (only if needed) from $100



  • Upper eyeliner from $395
  • Lower eyeliner from $300
  • Eye eyeliner top and bottom from $650